Les Grands Vins


one size fits all


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A Decanter for all Sizes (from Magnum 1,5l to Goliath 18l)
Les Grand Vins is an exclusive “one size fits all“ decanter made after the idea of certified sommelier Franz Dafner. It was realized in cooperation with a reknown Austrian draftsman and a top steel designer. This newly developed apparatusallows you to decantbottles of any size up to 18 litres.

Expanding the Wine Experience!
With its perfect finish and innovative design, this revolutionary decanter finaly meets up with the expectations of the greatest wines of this world. It is designed to expand the wine tasting experience and help with a perfect presentation and precise handling of even the biggest bottles.
The product is assembled exclusively with materials and partsmade from local Austrian companies and craftsmen.
A masterpiece of precision and elegance!

Price on request!

Diplom Sommelier
Franz Dafner
Dietzing 10
5145 Neukirchen/ E.